Ignite Digital Business System Affiliate Marketing Review

So today what I’ll be doing is reviewing the new Ignite Digital Business System that has been released by Dean Holland.

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The System Goes Through Six Training Modules

In Module #1, Dean teaches how to create a full-time career in less than one year.

In this module, you learn about what a digital business is, what it will look like in the future and how you can be a champion in this new field.

You’re also going to be trained to recognize and understand various digital products and how they’re priced.

Then it’s time to find out about selling these products to customers and what quality traits are needed to really make cash on the internet.

Finally, you’ve got to get comfortable with a sales funnel, both how it works and what five items you’ll need to have a successful funnel.

After you reach Module #2 of the Ignite system, you’re going to learn about why failure is so common, especially in the field of internet marketing. You’ll also learn a secret that could change your life. Importantly you’ll find out how you can use one formula for business growth and success.

Module #3 brings you through a few vital points. For example, you will be told why the educational system isn’t helping people as it should.

You’ll be familiar with how achievers find success with seven principles. Then you’ll learn another secret, this time a secret to wealth.

Module #4 of the IDBS talks about how to prevent falling off into cyberspace. Then Dean gives you a brief overview of the digital businesses you can start–there are four.

Once you learn that, you’re supposed to think about which model is most appropriate for your lifestyle and the one you want. For example, I picked the last choice and am now a Certified Consultant for Internet Profits. That’s what I suggest to you too.

I think this system is super easy to do if you are serious about building a real business as a result of the training you receive.

With Module #5, you are treated to Dean’s story about how he came to find a clear road to an income in the six-figure range. You’ll then find out about how that’s possible; you’ll even find out about being a millionaire too.

In the last module, you have to come up with a custom income plan for yourself, along with a restating of all the digital business plans and a recap of the previous modules.

You’ll learn what you need to run a successful online company and more about your choices.

Which Digital Business Model Seems Right For You?

Will you do this on your own or will you accept the assistance that Dean Holland so freely gives you?

As I said, I went with Dean, and now I’m enjoying a great business model that I’m using to build a successful online company.

There are four total options for getting to where I am, and you simply need to figure out which you want to go with. You have to choose the type that’s right for you so that you’re able to make the system work in a way that feels true to yourself.

The fundamental question is this:
Should I do everything by myself and make the mistakes along the way, or, would I like to have marketing professionals help me straighten out the learning curve?

Last Musings on the IDBS by Dean Holland

One thing I really like about this particular system that sets it apart from similar courses is that it is more like an apprenticeship than a course.

With this system, you make money along the way.

Whenever you complete one of the modules, you’ve got to take a quiz before moving on.

Once the training is finished, you’re already going to have 21 US dollars you made on the internet.

Finally, when you graduate, you can cash out what you’ve made and go on your way, or you can be motivated to earn even more.

You have to complete the application so that it is honest and completed in full. Then set up your session for a business strategy meeting.

Within three days, one of Dean Holland’s team will contact you. Then you’ll chat with a professional about what you should do next, businesswise.

And that’s my Complete Ignite Digital Business System Walkthrough.

I suggest you Buy This Training Today!

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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing With Dean Holland and iPro

Just the other day I partnered up with some amazing internet marketers.

I joined iPro (Internet Profits).

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I must say, Dean Holland’s Internet Profits is an unusual opportunity.

Believe me when I tell you, this is an ingenious assembly that I could pretty much just bolt on to my existing business model and get going with it almost immediately with little to no effort on my part.

And! It is an affiliate program.

Which means! They make and support the product, and they pay me when I sell the merchandise. Simple affiliate marketing 101.

Here is one of the unusual aspects of partnering up with Dean and his crew. I am earning 90% Lifetime Commissions whenever I get someone to sign up with one of the programs they offer.

That’s right! Ninety cents on the dollar for commissions.

And what’s even cooler than that is I earn commissions on the full sales funnel including the backend offers (big ticket items).

OK! So well! That is pretty farting awesome.

But, that right there is not entirely all that unheard of. Well, lifetime commish anyways.

But, here is the kicker.

When you partner up with iPro, they let you run traffic through their high converting sales funnel. And pay you every time a purchase is made within that funnel.

But check this out!

You just added a lead to your iPro list with a lifetime cookie. Every lead you put into the system will be tracked to you for the life of that lead.

Now here is where that gets truly exciting.

Dean Holland and his crew are now working for you!

These chaps are creating high-quality products for you, and, they are marketing them to the leads you sent through the funnel. And when these leads make a purchase you get paid.

That is unusual!

Typically, in affiliate marketing when you send someone through a sales funnel you only get paid for the sales made within the front end offer. And rarely on the backend big ticket coaching packages and such.


So! What I got when I bought into iPro

Was an entirely maintained, highly converting sales funnel that is kind of like plug and play.

And! I got a team of professional internet marketers building products for me to sell to my customers. And these products are not just cheap PLR. They are high end and truly valuable to the consumer.

Furthermore! They do all of the selling and marketing for me. Plus! They pay me 90% commission when they make a sale. Not to mention I can earn up to $1000 on sales of the backend big ticket programs. Plus, they have also integrated recurring commissions by providing subscription services.

So instantly, I just need to focus on one thing! Sending traffic to the opt-in pages.

Now, I don’t have to make, support, or maintain a product.

I don’t have to market a product.

I don’t even need to build my own list of email subscribers and get them to like, know, and trust me if I don’t want to. Although, I would recommend that you do work to build your list before sending the traffic to their funnel.

So to wrap this iPro review up.

I now have in my grubby mitts, a high converting sales funnel, a team of professional product creators, a team of skilled marketers, lifetime cookies on all the leads I put into my shiny new funnel, ninety percent commissions, and a lot more free time.

So. I, the Pencilneck Geek, am recommending that you check out iPro right now.

They do have some lower ticket front end products you can start off with, but that is not where I came into the funnel at. I bought iPro right straight out of the gate. I haven’t been through the frontend products just yet, as I am already an experienced marketer.

I am so incredibly excited by this offer that I just couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

But don’t worry! I am going to do full in-depth reviews of each product I now have access to here at Internet Profits.

I must confess, though.

If you are new to affiliate or internet marketing and are not following twenty gurus, then, I really do recommend going for the gold and hopping feet first into this program just like I did. I wouldn’t even think twice about it.

It is so worth the investment and the training is magnificent. Plus you won’t have a bunch of other marketers advising you to push a button to get rich.

You can just focus all of your efforts on driving traffic to your offer. And once you have got a handle on that, and your bank account starts filling up. Then you can start building your own email list which you can market to yourself if you choose.

I can honestly say that I believe iPro is going to change my life.

Perhaps you have been online for a while, but, you do not see enough results to make your plight worthwhile. Then you should not be here reading this right now. You should have clicked the link and signed up already.

You should already understand the power of a high converting sales funnel combined with a team of professionals who are working to make money for you.

All you have to do is run traffic. Preferably paid traffic if you want to see fast results and do not have the time to waste waiting around for Google to give you free traffic.

Click Here Now And Join iPro! I Did!

Or Register For The Free Live Webinar Taking Place on Monday!

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Pencilneck Makes Money with Domain Hunter Gatherer Software

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Today I am going to review how you can make money with Domain Hunter Gatherer.

The Cheapest Method
For starters, you can use the Premium Web2.0 Hunter to find expired web 2.0 properties which you can reregister. Applying this method, you will be able to acquire these assets for very cheap. After you register the 2.0, you will simply rebuild it and add all the nice graphics and fill out the pertinent information to make it look legit and add a link back to your website.

You can now build up an extensive network of these sites and use them for ranking and backlinking your money sites.

Or you can flip these subdomains.

Or perhaps you would rather sell links from your freshly acquired aged web 2.0s.

The Most Expensive Method
You can use Domain Auction Hunter and scrape the most popular domain auction houses to find the highest quality expiring domains.

With this strategy you will be spending more money, but, you will also be picking up the most powerful domains before they expire and get put back into the pool of deleted domains.

These domains are more spendy because many people will be looking for these assets plus these properties will also have higher DA (domain authority) and TF (trust flow). Plus many of the tools used for locating these domains still show Page Rank (PR). So there will be people who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a PR4+ domain.

However, you can use the software for free should you choose this opportunity, but it also is included in the professional version.

You can easily make money by picking up these retiring beauties and then you could simply just flip the URL for two to three times what you paid. Or more possibly, depending on the domain.

Or, to make an even better profit you could build a website on this piece of internet real estate and then generate some traffic to it, then flip the site on a site like Flippa or eBay. You could also offer SEO services, web design, traffic packages, or whatever services you feel comfortable offering.

You could charge ten times the monthly revenue the website is generating. Or perhaps, even figure the price at something like two to three years worth of income the site generates.

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Pencilneck’s Favorite Method
I love using Expired Domain Hunter as this is the most economical way to acquire large amounts of aged domains with good metrics for the price of registration. No auction fees or anything like that. Just go and buy them outright for roughly ten bucks each.

Using the Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro software makes picking up the sweetest expired domains a breeze and is totally worth the monthly fee should you want to consistently scrape for aged domains and grow your business.

Or, maybe you don’t want to add fresh domains to your network all the time. Regardless, DHG is a fantastic bargain even if you only want to use it on an “as needed” single or month by month basis. Jim Epton (the owner) does not have a problem with that at all.

Let me tell you. DHG Pro is the fun way to build a rock solid business should you choose this method. The Professional Version opens up, even more, possibilities.

You can crawl for expired domains from a specific keyword or keywords. You could even upload a list of keywords you are looking for.

Or, you can hunt by crawling authority websites. The best way to do this is by using a seed list. You will need a piece of software like ScrapeBox and a gigantic list of keywords. You will then scrape a site like Wikipedia or any other high authority website of your choosing.

Then, when that has completed, you should have a big old list of highly trusted website URLs which can be uploaded into Expired Domain Hunter Hunt From Website. This method will generate a high volume of expired domains that have links coming directly from your desired source.

Now, here is where the work comes in.

First, you will filter the delivered results by whatever metrics you want. I will generally start by setting the filters to show only the .com, .net, .org, Majestic TF 10, DA 10, and sometimes even PA 10.

Next, you will need to analyze the filtered results Domain Hunter Gatherer just produced.

First I like to drop the domain I want to examine into Godaddy (any registrar will work) and make sure the domain is still available.

Then take it to Archive.org and look at what it used to be. This will help cut down on the time spent analyzing as you will be able to see if the property was ever used by the Chinese, or used as a PBN, or used for diet pills/pharmaceuticals, or porn, payday loans, or any other spammy purpose.

Now, you will need to use a service like Ahrefs, Majestic, or Moz open site explorer to examine the backlink profiles of these domains. This is the crucial part for choosing the best properties. Most people will get this part wrong or won’t even do it.

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Here Is Where The Money Is

You have now used your software and done thorough research on all of your domains previous to purchasing.

You can buy these up for your own personal use and for building up your network.

Or, you could sell lists of these expired domains. There is no need to buy these if you are just going to be selling lists. But, make sure you keep your lists fresh and don’t sell the same one over and over as your customers will not be very satisfied when they get a list, and all of the domains are not available.

You could do like I mentioned before and build a site, generate traffic, and then flip it. Don’t forget to offer any other services you are comfortable providing for an additional boost to your income.

Or you can even create a site (preferably multiple sites) and then sell backlinks. People will pay good money for high-quality backlinks from a trusted source.

Another way to increase your income using this method would be to buy up as many of these expired properties as you can and then build a private network of websites you can post on and backlink from to juice up you money sites and YouTube videos. You could even sell backlinks from these assets as well.

These are just a few of the ways Domain Hunter Gatherer will make you money.

Now, all you have to do is take the initiative and get to work!

This strategy will not make you millions of dollars overnight, but, with consistent effort on your part, it can very easily develop into a lucrative career.

So! Go Now, and pick out the best version of Domain Hunter Gatherer! And start building an empire you can be proud of.

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iNeedArticles Review Best Content Writing Prices And Quality

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I want to share my overview of the iNeedArticles service. They promise to get articles to you quickly, and you can select different features for more money. Now you’re going to learn more because I’ve been using this service for a while now and want to share what I know about it with you.

First, I have been able to get articles fast. Usually within a few hours if there aren’t many projects in front of mine. You can also pay a fee to have them delivered within 24 hours if you are in a rush. The only time you may not get them that fast is if tons of people ordered that service, which I think is very rare. You may want to keep in mind that the more you pay for an article, more people are going to be competing to write that article, so it will likely get done faster, because who doesn’t like making more money when they can?

You’ll find that the instructions you provide are going to have a significant impact on what you get. You can pay a styling fee and then go into detail about what you want the article to be like. A lot of people probably think they can just throw in a ton of instructions and bypass the fees, but that doesn’t work as the writers are still only going to give you a general article. If you desire something more specific, you need to pay the styling fee and choose any others that you may deem necessary.

The price for research lets you include links for people to use to study up on your topic. You can tell someone that you want an article that has information found on several sites you like. Or, you can merely pay the research stipend and not say anything, and the writer will just go and do the research required. The investigation charge may also help you get your article created by someone who already has knowledge on the subject and knows all about it. It’s mainly a cost which ensures you get specific information on your topic.

Who is going to write your article when you request it?

It is going to be someone who is fluent in English because they only let native speakers do the work. Apparently, if someone tries working there and they produce shoddy work, they get reported and are not allowed to create any more articles. That being said, if you are not happy with a piece for whatever reason, you can go to the help desk through the link on the INA website and request your money back. Unless your expectations are unrealistic, they will take care of the situation for you and likely get rid of a writer who is doing the poor work.

You can order eBooks on the site as well. The cool thing about that is now you have something to sell or give away. For instance, think about having an eBook written on marketing (or whatever niche you are targeting) that you can sell for just a few bucks to people through your website, or use it as a free gift to encourage sign ups to your mailing list. You’ll make your money back on it and then some. There are people online right now who can easily write 10,000 words for you within just a few days.

Are you in need of a rewrite for an article you’ve already had written or some PLR that needs to be more original?

INeedArticles offers a nice rewriting service for less money than you would spend on a fresh article. The reason it’s cheaper is that you are providing the source material so the writer doesn’t have to go through and do the research before they can get started. You even have the option to pay the only 4&5 star writer fee which helps ensure you get one of the better authors, so if you are getting lackluster results, you probably need to select this option.

Do you need an article already optimized with your keywords for SEO purposes?

Most of the writers on the site, in my experience, are great at coming up with general content for anything very cheap. For instance, I can order an article on auto repairs for a blog or local rank and rent site I have, and they will give me whatever I want if I pay the style fee, or I know I can get some decent filler if I only want to pay the standard fee. However, I do tend to add more than one fee when I am looking for better than average content as I think the extra money likely motivates them to try harder. Plus paying for style or in-depth research requires that they have to give me something other than generic copy.

Blog posts are something I’ve been experimenting with through iNeedArticles. You can order 100 to 200-word articles that are done fast and in the first person. If I need something like comments to make it look like people are engaging with my posts or I just need to have some quick content created to add girth to my website, so it appears like I have been blogging for a while. You can also automate your website by using their Unique Content Poster service which can help generate some traffic with minimal effort.

Tweets are a newer feature on the website that I ordered the other day to test. With Twitter, you can make a post with 140 characters. When you use INA, you can order a set of 10 tweets at a time for cheap, and the writers will stick to a word count. They leave enough room for a link, and the writers are not allowed to use too many of the same words in their tweets so that you don’t risk getting the same phrases time and again. I think they can’t use the same 3 or 4 words in a row, but don’t quote me on that!

I’ve been happy with Jonathan Leger’s iNeedArticles service. At first, it was a little overwhelming to consider of all of the options, but once I placed a couple of orders, it was all right. The Pencilneck Geek does recommend this service to anyone who needs affordable copy written for anything from social media and eBooks to blog posts and reviews.

Check Out iNeedArticles and Create Your Account Right Now!

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Pencilneck’s Grammarly Review Is It The Best Automated Proofreader

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Possibly The Best Free Grammar Check Online

Proofreading your copy can take too much time and is not an easy task for many of us. Although, not all writers need to review their content because the work will be reexamined by other professionals as part of the editing and publishing process. But, for those of us who write personally without the help of a larger team, or draft important messages for our job, or are students who need to write essays or compositions, we must allocate time to editing so that our work makes the best impression.

But there is good news. I have been using an online grammar checker that makes editing and proofreading my work significantly easier.

But, is Grammarly really the best grammar checker software?

Let me propose a few questions as I begin this Grammarly review.

How familiar are you with the basics of sentence structure?

Are you confident that what you are writing is clear and easy to comprehend, without spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors?

Do you think your writing could benefit from using a tool that provides you with sentence structure examples and offers suggestions for edits that could improve your final draft?

It is somewhat disheartening to be informed after broadcasting your message or submitting your paper that it is riddled with grammatical mistakes. Using erroneous sentence structure or having multiple spelling or syntax errors can be a real buzz kill. Especially if you are a student, as this could actually result in you getting a less than desirable grade.

As I was growing up, English and spelling were always my worst subject. However, my spelling has greatly improved throughout the years except for when I am typing. I discovered Grammarly more than a year ago. I rely heavily on this software to help me keep my sentence structure in check as I write my articles. In fact, I am writing this Grammarly review within the tool as we speak. I also implement it whenever I am creating Kindle or CreateSpace books, emails, blog posts, video scripts, and nearly every other piece of written content that I create.

Let me describe to you how I use Grammarly to monitor my grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and how this tool has helped me strengthen my writing skills.

How Does Grammarly Work?

Grammarly utilizes several different components for monitoring your sentence structure as you compose your work. It takes everything into account from contextual spelling to specific writing styles to help you avoid wordiness and redundancy.

There is an excellent feature which I love called vocabulary enhancement. I enable it every time I open a new document and start creating. It helps me make better word choices.

Grammarly also has an option you can enable to check for uniqueness and plagiarism.

Grammarly even gives you the option to choose between American English and British English plus they have incorporated a dictionary into the program so you can add your own custom words to a personal dictionary.

Another feature that tickles my innards is the double click a word to be presented with synonyms and definitions.

So, Is Grammarly Easy To Use?

Mistakes and recommendations are arranged in a column to the side of the text you are drafting as the proofreader detects infractions. The mistakes will appear with an underline, and you will also see a brief description that you can hover over to highlight the appropriate flaw or click the description to be presented with more details. This tool will also provide you with some information on the particular grammar structure rule and offer solutions.

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How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

The Grammarly browser app is available at no cost (so you should grab that), but you will also have the opportunity to purchase a membership if you so choose. There are three payment options available.

The free app certainly is a great option that will help you fix your mistakes, but, purchasing the premium version of Grammarly equips you with even more features. The paid version, in my opinion, is the better option. You will be informed of a much wider variety of errors, and it will furnish you with more in-depth details and clarifications on the potential mistakes.

Can Anyone Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is so easy a grade schooler could use it.

All you have to do is sign into your account via a web portal and click on new to get started.

Once you have entered Grammarly’s dashboard and launched a new project, you will have the opportunity to save all of your drafts there (on the cloud) so that you can return to them later or work on them from another device or location. The tool also provides you with the possibility of importing pieces you started working on outside of the software. I personally like to copy and paste what I have already written into a new project.

Grammarly needs but just a few moments to scrutinize your writing when you import or paste a new project. Different colored underlines will appear as the tool determines which items need to be taken into consideration. Brief descriptions then appear for each error, and you will also be presented with recommendations on how to improve the imperfections.

You can also work outside of the software by utilizing the browser app. Or you could even choose to work offline by installing Grammarly’s native app into your copy of MS Word.

Can Grammarly Help You Become A Better Writer?

Grammarly points out your mistakes and makes it very easy for you to find and determine if this is an error that needs correcting. The software literally teaches you as you use it.

The device can recognize the context and identify possible spelling mixups between commonly confused words such as fir/fur, die/dye, there/their/they’re, lie/lay, whether/weather and such.

The tool also comes equipped with multiple writing style options. I tend to cohere to the general writing style, but you can select from casual, creative, technical, academic, business, or medical styles.

It autosaves your documents and pins them to your dashboard, so you never have to worry about losing your work.

Can Grammarly Replace a Real Human Proofreader?

I wish, but, the answer is no.

Grammarly is still just a piece of software and is not yet able to fully understand every sentence in every situation or always correctly interpret the context of what you are writing. Even though, Grammarly’s suggestions are immensely helpful they are not always suitable. You will find that some recommendations do not make sense for every scenario.

Although, they do offer professional proofreading services if that is something you are interested in.

You should always consider having someone other than yourself read through your work before submitting it. A live proofreader will often catch mistakes that you and the software did not notice. Such as correctly spelled misspellings like the and they or can and cane.

Who Can Benefit From Using Grammarly?

You will find that Grammarly is quite helpful if English isn’t your native language. The device is also fantastic for students who will need to be writing papers free from grammatical and spelling slip-ups. Grammarly is also ideal for whoever who is obliged to pen for their job.

Grammarly will undoubtedly save you time! Having a tool that can identify and offer suggestions for improvements to your sentence structure, find your typos, improperly used words, and incorrect punctuation is a quick and easy way to improve your writing without having to waste a bunch of time proofreading.

This program can also be quite beneficial even if English is your native language. The tool will help you improve your use of grammar and boost your understanding of sentence structure and help you catch the silly mistakes.

This tool really can help you improve your writing. Grammarly was designed to make proofreading and copy editing a walk in the park, whether you are working online or off.

Do You Need To Buy Grammarly?

You should go right on ahead and install the Grammarly browser app if you are still on the fence, then decide if you would benefit from having the full meal deal.

There are three different paid membership levels. Choice One is to subscribe on a monthly basis. Choice Two is the quarterly plan which bills four times a year. And then they offer an annual subscription which charges one time per year and brings the cost down to roughly $12 per month.

Grab it Now!

The Pros And Cons Of Grammarly


– Huge timesaver.

– Makes proofreading less of a chore.

– Very handy gadget for non-native English speakers and inexperienced writers.

– Fantastic utility for students to help improve their writing.

– Easy to use.

– Finds a majority of the errors so you don’t have to.

– Offer free apps compatible with your web browser.

– Free add-on for Outlook and Microsoft Word.

– Terrific synonym finding capabilities.


– You may not want to pay for the membership.

– Is not a replacement for a human proofreader.

Final Thoughts

The Pencilneck Geek is strongly recommending that you purchase the premium version of Grammarly. I believe that Grammarly is probably the best automated grammar checker available. I think the amount of time it will save you is worth the cost of the subscription. The software can find mistakes across more than 250 categories, and I believe that there are some very powerful features built right in that will improve your vocabulary and boost your writing skills.

It is fantastic that they offer a free native app that integrates with Microsoft Office.

It is also incredibly cool that they also offer a free browser application that is compatible with Chrome and Firefox.

Plus they provide a seven-day money back guarantee in case you aren’t entirely satisfied.

Click That Big Button Below to learn more and get yourself set up with the premium version of Grammarly! If you are still on the fence, just Click That Button and then download the free app and see for yourself.

Grammarly has improved my writing skills, and I am confident that it can improve yours as well!


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Pencilneck Video Creation Services Now Offer Animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Well, The Geek got back on it!

He has introduced four brand spanking New Video Creation Services to his Fiverr Profile.

You can now acquire Customized Local Niche Spokesperson Videos.

These videos are derived from prerecorded clips that can be nicely customized for you or your clients business needs at very affordable prices.

No script is required to create these Local Marketing Videos.

Custom Explainer Videos are Now Available at Fiverr.com/PencilneckGeek.

For The Cheapest Explainer Video, you will Need To Bring a Video Script and a Voice Over File with you.

What comes with the least expensive package is Background Music and all the Images Necessary to Create the Video Animation.

Plus, the Addition of Your Logo.

PnG loves to Make Custom Whiteboard Videos for all of your marketing requirements.

These are Great Animated Style Videos where the background is often left white. They Frequently Utilize A Hand to draw or write on the screen synced up with the voice.

For those of you not looking for the cheapest video creation out there then you should check out the Geek’s Package Deals.

The Premium Package Includes everything in the Standard Package Plus, Voice Over Creation & Synchronization and a 30 Second Longer Running Time.

The Pro Package is The Everything Is Done For You, Time Saver Option!

What The Geek Presents with this opportunity is a (roughly) 120 Word Script Written, Then Recorded into a Voice Over and Synchronized into a Sixty Second Custom Video with Background Music.

There is Even an Option For Express Delivery!

Pencilneck is Presently Producing Video Sales Letters as well.

VSLs are more of a powerpoint style video with mostly words and text. However, images can be included and frequently are.

The possibilities included with this gig are comparable to the ones described previously.

Pencilneck has discontinued the “Remove 10 Backgrounds” Gig and replaced it with this New Service.

Fast, Affordable, General Photoshop Editing!

If you need something Photoshopped, this gig should work for you.

The PencilneckGeek can offer any of the following services, plus more:
Photo Manipulation,
Background Removal,
Merge Images,
Add or Remove Objects,
Swap Out Heads,
Crop & Resize,
Color Adjusting,
Background Replacement,
Just Ask!

PencilneckGeek would also like to Suggest That You CONTACT HIM FIRST on Fiverr/pencilneckgeek BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER!

Every video has its own unique parameters which need to be acknowledged and considered.

Then, Frequently, Offers Need to Be Made.

This Step often saves time, headaches and eliminates surprises. Please Make Sure to Connect with him First and set the stage.

This way the clock doesn’t start ticking until both parties have assessed the situation and knows what they will be getting, by when and for how much.

Now that these Gigs have been freshly released, it would be in your best interest to get your tail on over there and start picking some out.

These services will never be cheaper than they are right now!

Pencil Neck Geek Has Added Video Sales Letter Creation

Check out Pencilneckgeek’s updated Fiverr Profile. https://www.fiverr.com/pencilneckgeek

The Geek has changed his services up a little bit.

He now offers Full Photoshop Editing rather than just Background Removal.

Pencil Neck also creates Video Sales Letter Videos and will also be adding other video styles as well.

He intends on adding these to his Gig Portfolio shortly.

  • Animated Whiteboard Videos
  • Spokesperson Video
  • Explainer Video

He will also be adding:

  • Video Script Writing
  • Voice Over Recording

You can check out his newest VSL Gig at:



Have You Heard of Public Domain?

I have been doing some new research lately, and I just wanted to share some resources with you!

I have been in search of fresh content but have been wanting a more affordable way to produce it.

I am understandably enamored with the concept of using free resources to create new high-quality materials that I can market.

One of them is: http://PublicDomainSherpa.com

And this link will take you to a government definition of Public Domain and Royalty Free materials. Here is some extremely invaluable knowledge for anyone who is in need of content, images, video and so much more.

Another of them is: http://library.alaska.gov/is/free_images_sounds.html