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I’m the Pencilneck Geek.

I am a Freelance Video Creation Specialist, and Photoshop Editor.

You can gain access to my video creation services on Fiverr.


I realize that there are a considerable number of video creators, and Photoshop editors in the expanse of the internet, and myriads of them are offering identical services. I am also quite aware, that it can be positively challenging to secure a reliable source for media creation with an expert who has reasonable rates.



You Found Me!


I’m an Extremely Able Video Creator. I Create Quality Animated Whiteboard Explainer, and Spokesperson Videos, Video Sales Letters, and Local Niche Marketing Videos. I also offer Voice Over and Script Writing Services. Not to mention, I am Fluent with Photoshop.


I am in the market to deliver Top Quality Marketing Videos at discounted rates to my clients. I have contributed many hours to Photoshop, so my facilities there are sufficient! I typically manipulate many of the images I utilize. The videos I produce for you will be more original than a bulk of the other videos on the market.


I appreciate making quality videos and helping businesses build up their brand so that they can exhibit who they are in the marketplace and showcase their services so that they can control their niche.


Right Now is an ideal time to commence growing your business and begin building up a brand that embodies who you are and what you do. Plus, introduces you to more prospects.


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