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Best Free Screen Capture Software

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I love this screen recording software! I do realize that I said this is Free (and it is), But, They also have a $15 per year version (I prefer this one) without the watermark and boosted control of your video creation. And, for less than 4 cents per day or $1.25 per month it falls into the category of so cheap it is almost free and totally worth the investment.

However, this tool does not compare to Camtasia as Screencast-O-Matic is not video editing software. But, it seems to be light weight and I am always happy with the results it produces.

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Best Free Audio Recording and Editing Software

You will also need the Lame MP3 Encoder if you want to export your audio as MP3.

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Best Free Audio Algorithm Processing

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Auphonic is really great software for cleaning up the audio on anything that you have recorded. It could be video captured with your cell phone or digital camera. It could also be footage you created using screen capture software like Screencast-O-Matic or Camtasia. And is absolutely perfect for audio captured using Audacity.

They analyze and professionally process 2 hours of your audio or video per month for free!

Check out their landing page and get signed up!

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