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GetResponse is an innovation-rich email marketing answer, entirely scalable and proficient in handling both humble and colossal lists (one million plus subscribers). For over a decade, GetResponse has been providing easy-to-use, self-service applications and superior support for generating and handling email and video marketing campaigns, newsletters, and autoresponders that transform contacts into consumers. Through honest, reliable and completely automated list hygiene, anti-spam methods and deeply rooted relationships with influential Internet and Email Service Providers. GetResponse maintains the highest achievable deliverability standards for more than a decade. That ensures your messages deliver the greatest potential for return on your email marketing investment. And get it at no cost for 30 days And without a credit card!

Landing Page Creators

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Biz Builder Hosting – Has a Super Easy Single cPanel setup where you just add all of your domains as subdomains and then put them on unique IPs. Access all of your domains from one simple to use location. Their servers are all on OC3 connections at Hurricane Datacenter. Also, included. They have the Best Support desk I have encountered. Marko is a Super Star.

Web Host


HostGator Is a trusted name in affordable, shared web hosting and offers impeccable customer service! Get started today with HostGator and use this coupon code PENCILNECK to save 25% on your hosting package!


T35 Hosting – Easy-to-use, reliable, and quite affordable web hosting since 1997. They offer proven safe, dependable, and unlimited small business and personal web hosting packages. Some of the features consist of limitless space and bandwidth, U.S. situated customer support, one-click script installer, 99.9% confirmed uptime and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Web Host Service

Host9 – Grab the re-seller package! It is the shit! Great hosting option that can get you unique C Class IP addresses and starts you out with 19 Gigs of storage space and 500 Gigabytes of bandwidth per month and room for 19 resold accounts. However, their support is shit. If you need support you will likely need to turn to YouTube and figure it out for yourself.

Hosting Provider





Affiliate Programs

ShareASale – Is an Affiliate Marketing Network that has been doing business for 15 years. Their technology gets commendations for speed, precision, and performance. They are well known, respected and have a reputation for being an ethical and trustworthy entity. I urge you to take a few minutes and browse around their website and learn more. But I wouldn’t hesitate, just sign up today!


MaxBountyLaunched in 2004 and since then has been devoted to presenting affiliates with the greatest payouts and the most successful campaigns. For over ten years, MaxBounty has been providing the best and quickest member support. They represent multitudes of merchants and thousands of affiliate publicists and is one of the largest and most accomplished lead generation channels and top ranked CPA networks in the marketplace today. They act as a link connecting advertisers with affiliates and strive for a successful balance between both sides. 

Affiliate Programs

Copywriting Tools

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Grammarly Can transform you into a skilled copywriter by locating and fixing up to 10 times more errors than your word processor. This tool examines your copy for correct mechanics. Using more than 250 advanced grammar precepts, traversing everything from modifier placement to article use to subject-verb agreement.

Also, incorporates a contextual spell checker to help out when using accurately spelled words that are getting applied in the wrong context. Prevents humbling mistakes by spotting inaccurate use of words such as there/their/they’re, affect/effect, lose/loose, lie/lay, and countless regularly mistaken words.

Another incredible integration is the vocabulary enhancement option. Improve your sentences with the alternative term recommendations that optimize for the meaning and readability of your text. Your words can be lame and boring, or they can instantly make a magnificent impression.

Grammarly is a must-have for anyone who writes or rewrites any kind of copy!

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