Grade an Article on its Grammar and Give Report Card


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With all the junk floating around out there, quality written content is becoming more and more important. Quality does not only refer to genuine, even reading copy, but it also has to do with its grammar. Envision that if all of your articles (or even homework) contain multiple grammatical mistakes, Google (Mr./Mrs. ______) will deem this content as substandard or common depending on how many errors they include. Google is now taking into consideration the phrasing and punctuation of the content on your blogs and websites and does pass judgment on you.

I will give you a score (X/100) on your written work and return a detailed report of all the slips so you can then edit them.


Please Note I DO NOT Fix the Mistakes.


This Gig is Per Article if you have multiple articles then you will need multiple gigs.


Please Note that I Do Not Rewrite Articles!

And I Do Not Change Wording!


If you would like to Have The Flaws Rectified then, you will need to Examine My Gig Packages.


Should you choose one of the rectification packages, I will deliver two reports (Before & After) along with an edited copy of your document.


If directed to do so, I will implement vocabulary enhancement when correcting the grammatical slips.


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