Just the other day I partnered up with some amazing internet marketers.

I joined iPro (Internet Profits).

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I must say, Dean Holland’s Internet Profits is an unusual opportunity.

Believe me when I tell you, this is an ingenious assembly that I could pretty much just bolt on to my existing business model and get going with it almost immediately with little to no effort on my part.

And! It is an affiliate program.

Which means! They make and support the product, and they pay me when I sell the merchandise. Simple affiliate marketing 101.

Here is one of the unusual aspects of partnering up with Dean and his crew. I am earning 90% Lifetime Commissions whenever I get someone to sign up with one of the programs they offer.

That’s right! Ninety cents on the dollar for commissions.

And what’s even cooler than that is I earn commissions on the full sales funnel including the backend offers (big ticket items).

OK! So well! That is pretty farting awesome.

But, that right there is not entirely all that unheard of. Well, lifetime commish anyways.

But, here is the kicker.

When you partner up with iPro, they let you run traffic through their high converting sales funnel. And pay you every time a purchase is made within that funnel.

But check this out!

You just added a lead to your iPro list with a lifetime cookie. Every lead you put into the system will be tracked to you for the life of that lead.

Now here is where that gets truly exciting.

Dean Holland and his crew are now working for you!

These chaps are creating high-quality products for you, and, they are marketing them to the leads you sent through the funnel. And when these leads make a purchase you get paid.

That is unusual!

Typically, in affiliate marketing when you send someone through a sales funnel you only get paid for the sales made within the front end offer. And rarely on the backend big ticket coaching packages and such.


So! What I got when I bought into iPro

Was an entirely maintained, highly converting sales funnel that is kind of like plug and play.

And! I got a team of professional internet marketers building products for me to sell to my customers. And these products are not just cheap PLR. They are high end and truly valuable to the consumer.

Furthermore! They do all of the selling and marketing for me. Plus! They pay me 90% commission when they make a sale. Not to mention I can earn up to $1000 on sales of the backend big ticket programs. Plus, they have also integrated recurring commissions by providing subscription services.

So instantly, I just need to focus on one thing! Sending traffic to the opt-in pages.

Now, I don’t have to make, support, or maintain a product.

I don’t have to market a product.

I don’t even need to build my own list of email subscribers and get them to like, know, and trust me if I don’t want to. Although, I would recommend that you do work to build your list before sending the traffic to their funnel.

So to wrap this iPro review up.

I now have in my grubby mitts, a high converting sales funnel, a team of professional product creators, a team of skilled marketers, lifetime cookies on all the leads I put into my shiny new funnel, ninety percent commissions, and a lot more free time.

So. I, the Pencilneck Geek, am recommending that you check out iPro right now.

They do have some lower ticket front end products you can start off with, but that is not where I came into the funnel at. I bought iPro right straight out of the gate. I haven’t been through the frontend products just yet, as I am already an experienced marketer.

I am so incredibly excited by this offer that I just couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

But don’t worry! I am going to do full in-depth reviews of each product I now have access to here at Internet Profits.

I must confess, though.

If you are new to affiliate or internet marketing and are not following twenty gurus, then, I really do recommend going for the gold and hopping feet first into this program just like I did. I wouldn’t even think twice about it.

It is so worth the investment and the training is magnificent. Plus you won’t have a bunch of other marketers advising you to push a button to get rich.

You can just focus all of your efforts on driving traffic to your offer. And once you have got a handle on that, and your bank account starts filling up. Then you can start building your own email list which you can market to yourself if you choose.

I can honestly say that I believe iPro is going to change my life.

Perhaps you have been online for a while, but, you do not see enough results to make your plight worthwhile. Then you should not be here reading this right now. You should have clicked the link and signed up already.

You should already understand the power of a high converting sales funnel combined with a team of professionals who are working to make money for you.

All you have to do is run traffic. Preferably paid traffic if you want to see fast results and do not have the time to waste waiting around for Google to give you free traffic.

Click Here Now And Join iPro! I Did!

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Yes I want it!