Pencilneck’s Internet Marketing Reviews And Recommendations

The Pencil Neck Geek is your one stop, know it all, do it all, explain it all answer-man for all things internet marketing, video creation, graphic design and SEO related. He is one of the most esteemed sellers on Fiverr, a site designed to connect businesses, entrepreneurs, and dreamers with extremely talented freelance workers. He is one of the highest and most often reviewed video creation freelancers on Fiverr. His talent, skill and work ethic are all second to none. Being an expert is an evolving status and as such the Pencil Neck Geek has evolved and expanded his business.

The new area of expansion is into the more general, lucrative, competitive world of internet marketing traffic specialist, SEO pro, and honest reviewer of different programs, self-proclaimed gurus and everything else that moves and raises the pulse of the Google meter. He is here to steer you in “the right direction”. Look forward to more reviews, information, ideas, warnings, and offerings from The Geek in the near future. This site is destined to become the perfect stop for anyone interested in internet marketing, entrepreneurship and money making. A pied piper of internet information, experience and rapid creation of your ideas.

A Video For All Seasons

The Pencil Neck Geek’s reputation was solidified and earned mostly via the explainer videos that he has done for hundreds of clients. He has made videos on just about every subject. As you know, explainer videos are the best way to quickly express an idea because they hit the viewer on multiple levels for maximum engagement and retention of information: Visual, auditory and physically. Video is absolutely the best way to get their attention and hold on to it until you are ready to send them further down your sales funnel. The Pencilneck Geek has mastered this.

Local Niche Videos

The internet is local to everyone, even people half way across the world but local businesses are learning very quickly how important local SEO is important to their bottom end. One service that the Pencilneck Geek is now offering are local niche videos. Testimonies and other pre-created video with sliced in information about your city and your business. What a great tool for local businesses to market on the internet with keywords and other descriptors that are laser targeted to local web searchers looking for the type of businesses, products, and services that they provide.

The move into the answer-man domain is brilliant and useful to all people interested in Internet marketing. Here you have a freelancer that has worked on major and minor internet marketing campaigns for various companies who has learned their methods, strategies, theories and ways of driving web traffic to their website. A hands-on reverse engineering of these processes allows him to share with you these methods, how they work, what works, what doesn’t work and why. He will unquestionably become a great asset to anyone who wants to dominate the internet and pump as much traffic from it as possible.

His reviews are going to be fabulous because of the experience that we have described above. He knows what is working, and he knows what isn’t. He knows the elements of a successful internet marketing campaign, and he can help you get to the promised land of internet marketing success. He can help you choose which programs, tools, and ideas to use and which to run from. This is definitely going to be one of the most interesting and useful parts of his website and evolution as a marketer and as an internet marketing teacher. A great source of information and wisdom.

As you can see, some pretty big things are happening with the Pencilneck Geek and it is going to be interesting watching his site and services evolve over the next few months. He is a very trusted supplier of the glue that makes internet marketing campaigns work, and he has expanded his services and roles into some awe-inspiring areas that will ultimately help the entire community as a whole. Many are looking forward to what he shares, what he comes up with next, what new ideas he has to share about video marketing, what strategies he sees being successful and which programs he suggests.