Pencilneck’s Secret Stash Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro Review

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Welcome to Pencilneck’s Domain Hunter Gatherer Review!

Every day thousands of domains are expiring and getting added back into the pool of assumably new domains. Many of which have been cared for and loved, yet, even more, have not.

In fact, there are quite a few expired domains which people have used in ways that can prove detrimental for ranking. That is where knowing how to find quality domain names comes in handy.

Many people grab a new domain from one of the many registrars and believe that this is a shiny new domain that has never been used and winds up with a lemon. That will negatively impact your search engine rankings before you even get it registered.  That is why proper research is essential if you plan on having a website that will show up in the search results.


But that holds true in the other direction as well.

If we take a look backward at expired domains, we can find a lot of value as far as your web property, and link building efforts are concerned.

Finding these gems can undoubtedly have a huge impact on your search engine rankings as well.

Therefore, if you are building websites online with the intention of making a profit in some way, then you should keep on reading to learn more about this sweet expired domain crawler. Using Domain Hunter Gatherer will help you to buy quality expired domains right out of the gate for the price of registration!

If you have not been informed of the value, and importance, of expired domains, then right now, is the time for you to listen up.

I am about to reveal some of the reasons why this particular product is valuable and possibly life changing.


Personal and Private Blog Networks

When you are a website owner, running SEO campaigns is a great way you boost your rankings and get more traffic. However, this approach requires the need for quite a number of domains for making blog posts, posting ads and backlinking.

Finding these high-quality properties is not an easy or simple task. Not to mention the monthly cost of Majestic, Moz, and Register Compass plus the countless hours of sorting out all the trash.

To fully understand the power and reach of Domain Hunter Gather you have got to check it out. You will see just how incredibly easy it is to gain access to thousands upon thousands of domains ripe for the picking.

Just these couple of reasons were enough to make me believe that not only I but, pretty much anyone online who needs a source for high-quality web properties for roughly ten dollars each, can benefit from using this kick ass tool.

Now would be a good time to have a look under the hood at the features which make DHG one of the most beneficial tools for domain acquisition.


Affordable, Dependable, And Easy

While there are other such tools available on the market, what makes this specific piece of software so much more exceptional is the fact that it is a complete solution. It does it all! DHG makes it possible to assemble huge lists of expiring and expired domains that are ready to become yours.

You will save days worth of time by letting the software find, analyze and filter these lists by the specific metrics that you desire.

Domain Hunter Gather also helps you keep the cost of acquisition low. Becuase it can deliver so many domains to choose from that you can merely pass on them if the price isn’t right. The quality of this mining tool is most likely the best and most affordable on the market.

Even if you have only acquired a basic knowledge and read only the free information online about expired and aged domains, then you should understand how valuable and useful utilizing these sites can be.

Implementing this ninja method can save you years of mind-numbing research and analyzation and deliver small targeted lists of good quality domains with the metrics that you are looking for on a silver platter.

This is also very handy for those of you who are on the lookout for domain names which are premium in nature. This software utilizes an intelligent combination of auction sites so you can be on the lookout for the opportune moment to buy the best quality domains even before they expire.

Having this tool in your hot hands (or on your extra computer) and using it will certainly benefit your SEO campaigning and will help you improve the rankings of your desired sites in short order.

You will also be able to create a private network of domains you know have good authority, and also have full control over, in a very short time if you desire.


It is User-Friendly and Has Great Support

Another big reason why it makes sense to buy Domain Hunter Gatherer is that it is very customer friendly in nature. It requires the most basic of hardware requirements. Window XP, Vista, Server 2003+ operating system is suitable. It requires a minimum of 1 GB RAM and a NET Framework of 4.0 at the minimum. It may also require 2 CPU cores or more. Once the tool is up and running, it does not heavily tax the end users hardware requirements, with hardly any lag involved.

The only downfall I see here is there was no Mac version. However, It may be possible if you use Parallels or similar software.


Let’s Recap Some of the Products Features

I am telling you right now that Domain Hunter Gatherer has quite a few advantages, and the price is only one of them. I was using a service like this one for $200 per month, and it did maybe a quarter of the things I can do now.

The search options presented to you inside of DHG are significant and extremely exciting.

It is one of the few tools which can help you identify branded and authoritative domains across various registrars and auction companies.

And its filtering and sorting capabilities are through the roof. It returns a huge pile of expired domains and can sift them out for you based on the exact metrics you want.

It also is capable of loading and saving the search results so you can separate out the ones you want at a later date.

It also provides reasonably accurate information such as Page Authority, Trust Flow, Social Metrics, Age, Number of Backlinks. But, seriously, the metrics it looks for are too plentiful to mention here.

It is one of few such tools which provide a multi-threading facility for faster execution and is super easy to setup. Easy is always popular amongst the end users.


How It Hunts Expired Domains

One of the things that make this a notably attractive tool is it implements three different approaches for finding expired domains.

The way I keep using is the search by keyword. Just input 1-4 keywords and tell it to go 2-4 deep and you will wind up with thousands of choices to sift through and collect the jewels with good authority, age, and backlinks.

It does not take much effort to manually investigate these domains that have already fallen within your specifications.

It also is possible to crawl by domain. This feature is unique because it lets you crawl whatever website or sites you want. You can find expired domains which have links from your choice of highly trusted websites with tons of authority such as WikiPedia, BBC, etc.

Finally, it is also possible to reverse crawl. It is a feature which helps you to crawl and look for expired domains. I have never used this option.


But wait!

Don’t let me forget! You can also crawl for expired Web 2.0 properties that you can just go and re-register for free. Just pick the name and you are the proud owner of a new old Web 2.0 with authority and backlinks. Pretty sweet Huh?

I am recommending that you hop on the Pro version of this software if you are serious about taking your life to the next level.

But, I also do suggest that if your budget is a shoestring then screw the pro version and check out the premium or free version. You can always upgrade later.

But, you have to take action right now and chose one of these packages and start building your online presence today.

Having just read this review and learning about the amazing functions and business changing benefits, let me assure you that there are no reasons why you shouldn’t head over there right now and take it for a 30-day test run.

If you don’t love it, ask for your money back. They’re cool like that.

I do however recommend keeping your subscription, and picking up all of the best domains that you can afford each month.


Yes I want it!