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Proofreading your copy can take too much time and is not an easy task for many of us. Although, not all writers need to review their content because the work will be reexamined by other professionals as part of the editing and publishing process. But, for those of us who write personally without the help of a larger team, or draft important messages for our job, or are students who need to write essays or compositions, we must allocate time to editing so that our work makes the best impression.

But there is good news. I have been using an online grammar checker that makes editing and proofreading my work significantly easier.

But, is Grammarly really the best grammar checker software?

Let me propose a few questions as I begin this Grammarly review.

How familiar are you with the basics of sentence structure?

Are you confident that what you are writing is clear and easy to comprehend, without spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors?

Do you think your writing could benefit from using a tool that provides you with sentence structure examples and offers suggestions for edits that could improve your final draft?

It is somewhat disheartening to be informed after broadcasting your message or submitting your paper that it is riddled with grammatical mistakes. Using erroneous sentence structure or having multiple spelling or syntax errors can be a real buzz kill. Especially if you are a student, as this could actually result in you getting a less than desirable grade.

As I was growing up, English and spelling were always my worst subject. However, my spelling has greatly improved throughout the years except for when I am typing. I discovered Grammarly more than a year ago. I rely heavily on this software to help me keep my sentence structure in check as I write my articles. In fact, I am writing this Grammarly review within the tool as we speak. I also implement it whenever I am creating Kindle or CreateSpace books, emails, blog posts, video scripts, and nearly every other piece of written content that I create.

Let me describe to you how I use Grammarly to monitor my grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and how this tool has helped me strengthen my writing skills.

How Does Grammarly Work?

Grammarly utilizes several different components for monitoring your sentence structure as you compose your work. It takes everything into account from contextual spelling to specific writing styles to help you avoid wordiness and redundancy.

There is an excellent feature which I love called vocabulary enhancement. I enable it every time I open a new document and start creating. It helps me make better word choices.

Grammarly also has an option you can enable to check for uniqueness and plagiarism.

Grammarly even gives you the option to choose between American English and British English plus they have incorporated a dictionary into the program so you can add your own custom words to a personal dictionary.

Another feature that tickles my innards is the double click a word to be presented with synonyms and definitions.

So, Is Grammarly Easy To Use?

Mistakes and recommendations are arranged in a column to the side of the text you are drafting as the proofreader detects infractions. The mistakes will appear with an underline, and you will also see a brief description that you can hover over to highlight the appropriate flaw or click the description to be presented with more details. This tool will also provide you with some information on the particular grammar structure rule and offer solutions.

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How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

The Grammarly browser app is available at no cost (so you should grab that), but you will also have the opportunity to purchase a membership if you so choose. There are three payment options available.

The free app certainly is a great option that will help you fix your mistakes, but, purchasing the premium version of Grammarly equips you with even more features. The paid version, in my opinion, is the better option. You will be informed of a much wider variety of errors, and it will furnish you with more in-depth details and clarifications on the potential mistakes.

Can Anyone Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is so easy a grade schooler could use it.

All you have to do is sign into your account via a web portal and click on new to get started.

Once you have entered Grammarly’s dashboard and launched a new project, you will have the opportunity to save all of your drafts there (on the cloud) so that you can return to them later or work on them from another device or location. The tool also provides you with the possibility of importing pieces you started working on outside of the software. I personally like to copy and paste what I have already written into a new project.

Grammarly needs but just a few moments to scrutinize your writing when you import or paste a new project. Different colored underlines will appear as the tool determines which items need to be taken into consideration. Brief descriptions then appear for each error, and you will also be presented with recommendations on how to improve the imperfections.

You can also work outside of the software by utilizing the browser app. Or you could even choose to work offline by installing Grammarly’s native app into your copy of MS Word.

Can Grammarly Help You Become A Better Writer?

Grammarly points out your mistakes and makes it very easy for you to find and determine if this is an error that needs correcting. The software literally teaches you as you use it.

The device can recognize the context and identify possible spelling mixups between commonly confused words such as fir/fur, die/dye, there/their/they’re, lie/lay, whether/weather and such.

The tool also comes equipped with multiple writing style options. I tend to cohere to the general writing style, but you can select from casual, creative, technical, academic, business, or medical styles.

It autosaves your documents and pins them to your dashboard, so you never have to worry about losing your work.

Can Grammarly Replace a Real Human Proofreader?

I wish, but, the answer is no.

Grammarly is still just a piece of software and is not yet able to fully understand every sentence in every situation or always correctly interpret the context of what you are writing. Even though, Grammarly’s suggestions are immensely helpful they are not always suitable. You will find that some recommendations do not make sense for every scenario.

Although, they do offer professional proofreading services if that is something you are interested in.

You should always consider having someone other than yourself read through your work before submitting it. A live proofreader will often catch mistakes that you and the software did not notice. Such as correctly spelled misspellings like the and they or can and cane.

Who Can Benefit From Using Grammarly?

You will find that Grammarly is quite helpful if English isn’t your native language. The device is also fantastic for students who will need to be writing papers free from grammatical and spelling slip-ups. Grammarly is also ideal for whoever who is obliged to pen for their job.

Grammarly will undoubtedly save you time! Having a tool that can identify and offer suggestions for improvements to your sentence structure, find your typos, improperly used words, and incorrect punctuation is a quick and easy way to improve your writing without having to waste a bunch of time proofreading.

This program can also be quite beneficial even if English is your native language. The tool will help you improve your use of grammar and boost your understanding of sentence structure and help you catch the silly mistakes.

This tool really can help you improve your writing. Grammarly was designed to make proofreading and copy editing a walk in the park, whether you are working online or off.

Do You Need To Buy Grammarly?

You should go right on ahead and install the Grammarly browser app if you are still on the fence, then decide if you would benefit from having the full meal deal.

There are three different paid membership levels. Choice One is to subscribe on a monthly basis. Choice Two is the quarterly plan which bills four times a year. And then they offer an annual subscription which charges one time per year and brings the cost down to roughly $12 per month.

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The Pros And Cons Of Grammarly


– Huge timesaver.

– Makes proofreading less of a chore.

– Very handy gadget for non-native English speakers and inexperienced writers.

– Fantastic utility for students to help improve their writing.

– Easy to use.

– Finds a majority of the errors so you don’t have to.

– Offer free apps compatible with your web browser.

– Free add-on for Outlook and Microsoft Word.

– Terrific synonym finding capabilities.


– You may not want to pay for the membership.

– Is not a replacement for a human proofreader.

Final Thoughts

The Pencilneck Geek is strongly recommending that you purchase the premium version of Grammarly. I believe that Grammarly is probably the best automated grammar checker available. I think the amount of time it will save you is worth the cost of the subscription. The software can find mistakes across more than 250 categories, and I believe that there are some very powerful features built right in that will improve your vocabulary and boost your writing skills.

It is fantastic that they offer a free native app that integrates with Microsoft Office.

It is also incredibly cool that they also offer a free browser application that is compatible with Chrome and Firefox.

Plus they provide a seven-day money back guarantee in case you aren’t entirely satisfied.

Click That Big Button Below to learn more and get yourself set up with the premium version of Grammarly! If you are still on the fence, just Click That Button and then download the free app and see for yourself.

Grammarly has improved my writing skills, and I am confident that it can improve yours as well!


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