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I want to share my overview of the iNeedArticles service. They promise to get articles to you quickly, and you can select different features for more money. Now you’re going to learn more because I’ve been using this service for a while now and want to share what I know about it with you.

First, I have been able to get articles fast. Usually within a few hours if there aren’t many projects in front of mine. You can also pay a fee to have them delivered within 24 hours if you are in a rush. The only time you may not get them that fast is if tons of people ordered that service, which I think is very rare. You may want to keep in mind that the more you pay for an article, more people are going to be competing to write that article, so it will likely get done faster, because who doesn’t like making more money when they can?

You’ll find that the instructions you provide are going to have a significant impact on what you get. You can pay a styling fee and then go into detail about what you want the article to be like. A lot of people probably think they can just throw in a ton of instructions and bypass the fees, but that doesn’t work as the writers are still only going to give you a general article. If you desire something more specific, you need to pay the styling fee and choose any others that you may deem necessary.

The price for research lets you include links for people to use to study up on your topic. You can tell someone that you want an article that has information found on several sites you like. Or, you can merely pay the research stipend and not say anything, and the writer will just go and do the research required. The investigation charge may also help you get your article created by someone who already has knowledge on the subject and knows all about it. It’s mainly a cost which ensures you get specific information on your topic.

Who is going to write your article when you request it?

It is going to be someone who is fluent in English because they only let native speakers do the work. Apparently, if someone tries working there and they produce shoddy work, they get reported and are not allowed to create any more articles. That being said, if you are not happy with a piece for whatever reason, you can go to the help desk through the link on the INA website and request your money back. Unless your expectations are unrealistic, they will take care of the situation for you and likely get rid of a writer who is doing the poor work.

You can order eBooks on the site as well. The cool thing about that is now you have something to sell or give away. For instance, think about having an eBook written on marketing (or whatever niche you are targeting) that you can sell for just a few bucks to people through your website, or use it as a free gift to encourage sign ups to your mailing list. You’ll make your money back on it and then some. There are people online right now who can easily write 10,000 words for you within just a few days.

Are you in need of a rewrite for an article you’ve already had written or some PLR that needs to be more original?

INeedArticles offers a nice rewriting service for less money than you would spend on a fresh article. The reason it’s cheaper is that you are providing the source material so the writer doesn’t have to go through and do the research before they can get started. You even have the option to pay the only 4&5 star writer fee which helps ensure you get one of the better authors, so if you are getting lackluster results, you probably need to select this option.

Do you need an article already optimized with your keywords for SEO purposes?

Most of the writers on the site, in my experience, are great at coming up with general content for anything very cheap. For instance, I can order an article on auto repairs for a blog or local rank and rent site I have, and they will give me whatever I want if I pay the style fee, or I know I can get some decent filler if I only want to pay the standard fee. However, I do tend to add more than one fee when I am looking for better than average content as I think the extra money likely motivates them to try harder. Plus paying for style or in-depth research requires that they have to give me something other than generic copy.

Blog posts are something I’ve been experimenting with through iNeedArticles. You can order 100 to 200-word articles that are done fast and in the first person. If I need something like comments to make it look like people are engaging with my posts or I just need to have some quick content created to add girth to my website, so it appears like I have been blogging for a while. You can also automate your website by using their Unique Content Poster service which can help generate some traffic with minimal effort.

Tweets are a newer feature on the website that I ordered the other day to test. With Twitter, you can make a post with 140 characters. When you use INA, you can order a set of 10 tweets at a time for cheap, and the writers will stick to a word count. They leave enough room for a link, and the writers are not allowed to use too many of the same words in their tweets so that you don’t risk getting the same phrases time and again. I think they can’t use the same 3 or 4 words in a row, but don’t quote me on that!

I’ve been happy with Jonathan Leger’s iNeedArticles service. At first, it was a little overwhelming to consider of all of the options, but once I placed a couple of orders, it was all right. The Pencilneck Geek does recommend this service to anyone who needs affordable copy written for anything from social media and eBooks to blog posts and reviews.

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