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Today I am going to review how you can make money with Domain Hunter Gatherer.

The Cheapest Method
For starters, you can use the Premium Web2.0 Hunter to find expired web 2.0 properties which you can reregister. Applying this method, you will be able to acquire these assets for very cheap. After you register the 2.0, you will simply rebuild it and add all the nice graphics and fill out the pertinent information to make it look legit and add a link back to your website.

You can now build up an extensive network of these sites and use them for ranking and backlinking your money sites.

Or you can flip these subdomains.

Or perhaps you would rather sell links from your freshly acquired aged web 2.0s.

The Most Expensive Method
You can use Domain Auction Hunter and scrape the most popular domain auction houses to find the highest quality expiring domains.

With this strategy you will be spending more money, but, you will also be picking up the most powerful domains before they expire and get put back into the pool of deleted domains.

These domains are more spendy because many people will be looking for these assets plus these properties will also have higher DA (domain authority) and TF (trust flow). Plus many of the tools used for locating these domains still show Page Rank (PR). So there will be people who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a PR4+ domain.

However, you can use the software for free should you choose this opportunity, but it also is included in the professional version.

You can easily make money by picking up these retiring beauties and then you could simply just flip the URL for two to three times what you paid. Or more possibly, depending on the domain.

Or, to make an even better profit you could build a website on this piece of internet real estate and then generate some traffic to it, then flip the site on a site like Flippa or eBay. You could also offer SEO services, web design, traffic packages, or whatever services you feel comfortable offering.

You could charge ten times the monthly revenue the website is generating. Or perhaps, even figure the price at something like two to three years worth of income the site generates.

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Pencilneck’s Favorite Method
I love using Expired Domain Hunter as this is the most economical way to acquire large amounts of aged domains with good metrics for the price of registration. No auction fees or anything like that. Just go and buy them outright for roughly ten bucks each.

Using the Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro software makes picking up the sweetest expired domains a breeze and is totally worth the monthly fee should you want to consistently scrape for aged domains and grow your business.

Or, maybe you don’t want to add fresh domains to your network all the time. Regardless, DHG is a fantastic bargain even if you only want to use it on an “as needed” single or month by month basis. Jim Epton (the owner) does not have a problem with that at all.

Let me tell you. DHG Pro is the fun way to build a rock solid business should you choose this method. The Professional Version opens up, even more, possibilities.

You can crawl for expired domains from a specific keyword or keywords. You could even upload a list of keywords you are looking for.

Or, you can hunt by crawling authority websites. The best way to do this is by using a seed list. You will need a piece of software like ScrapeBox and a gigantic list of keywords. You will then scrape a site like Wikipedia or any other high authority website of your choosing.

Then, when that has completed, you should have a big old list of highly trusted website URLs which can be uploaded into Expired Domain Hunter Hunt From Website. This method will generate a high volume of expired domains that have links coming directly from your desired source.

Now, here is where the work comes in.

First, you will filter the delivered results by whatever metrics you want. I will generally start by setting the filters to show only the .com, .net, .org, Majestic TF 10, DA 10, and sometimes even PA 10.

Next, you will need to analyze the filtered results Domain Hunter Gatherer just produced.

First I like to drop the domain I want to examine into Godaddy (any registrar will work) and make sure the domain is still available.

Then take it to Archive.org and look at what it used to be. This will help cut down on the time spent analyzing as you will be able to see if the property was ever used by the Chinese, or used as a PBN, or used for diet pills/pharmaceuticals, or porn, payday loans, or any other spammy purpose.

Now, you will need to use a service like Ahrefs, Majestic, or Moz open site explorer to examine the backlink profiles of these domains. This is the crucial part for choosing the best properties. Most people will get this part wrong or won’t even do it.

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Here Is Where The Money Is

You have now used your software and done thorough research on all of your domains previous to purchasing.

You can buy these up for your own personal use and for building up your network.

Or, you could sell lists of these expired domains. There is no need to buy these if you are just going to be selling lists. But, make sure you keep your lists fresh and don’t sell the same one over and over as your customers will not be very satisfied when they get a list, and all of the domains are not available.

You could do like I mentioned before and build a site, generate traffic, and then flip it. Don’t forget to offer any other services you are comfortable providing for an additional boost to your income.

Or you can even create a site (preferably multiple sites) and then sell backlinks. People will pay good money for high-quality backlinks from a trusted source.

Another way to increase your income using this method would be to buy up as many of these expired properties as you can and then build a private network of websites you can post on and backlink from to juice up you money sites and YouTube videos. You could even sell backlinks from these assets as well.

These are just a few of the ways Domain Hunter Gatherer will make you money.

Now, all you have to do is take the initiative and get to work!

This strategy will not make you millions of dollars overnight, but, with consistent effort on your part, it can very easily develop into a lucrative career.

So! Go Now, and pick out the best version of Domain Hunter Gatherer! And start building an empire you can be proud of.

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