Well, The Geek got back on it!

He has introduced four brand spanking New Video Creation Services to his Fiverr Profile.

You can now acquire Customized Local Niche Spokesperson Videos.

These videos are derived from prerecorded clips that can be nicely customized for you or your clients business needs at very affordable prices.

No script is required to create these Local Marketing Videos.

Custom Explainer Videos are Now Available at Fiverr.com/PencilneckGeek.

For The Cheapest Explainer Video, you will Need To Bring a Video Script and a Voice Over File with you.

What comes with the least expensive package is Background Music and all the Images Necessary to Create the Video Animation.

Plus, the Addition of Your Logo.

PnG loves to Make Custom Whiteboard Videos for all of your marketing requirements.

These are Great Animated Style Videos where the background is often left white. They Frequently Utilize A Hand to draw or write on the screen synced up with the voice.

For those of you not looking for the cheapest video creation out there then you should check out the Geek’s Package Deals.

The Premium Package Includes everything in the Standard Package Plus, Voice Over Creation & Synchronization and a 30 Second Longer Running Time.

The Pro Package is The Everything Is Done For You, Time Saver Option!

What The Geek Presents with this opportunity is a (roughly) 120 Word Script Written, Then Recorded into a Voice Over and Synchronized into a Sixty Second Custom Video with Background Music.

There is Even an Option For Express Delivery!

Pencilneck is Presently Producing Video Sales Letters as well.

VSLs are more of a powerpoint style video with mostly words and text. However, images can be included and frequently are.

The possibilities included with this gig are comparable to the ones described previously.

Pencilneck has discontinued the “Remove 10 Backgrounds” Gig and replaced it with this New Service.

Fast, Affordable, General Photoshop Editing!

If you need something Photoshopped, this gig should work for you.

The PencilneckGeek can offer any of the following services, plus more:
Photo Manipulation,
Background Removal,
Merge Images,
Add or Remove Objects,
Swap Out Heads,
Crop & Resize,
Color Adjusting,
Background Replacement,
Just Ask!

PencilneckGeek would also like to Suggest That You CONTACT HIM FIRST on Fiverr/pencilneckgeek BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER!

Every video has its own unique parameters which need to be acknowledged and considered.

Then, Frequently, Offers Need to Be Made.

This Step often saves time, headaches and eliminates surprises. Please Make Sure to Connect with him First and set the stage.

This way the clock doesn’t start ticking until both parties have assessed the situation and knows what they will be getting, by when and for how much.

Now that these Gigs have been freshly released, it would be in your best interest to get your tail on over there and start picking some out.

These services will never be cheaper than they are right now!